Poundo Yam

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Here’s a simplified process of making Poundo Yam:

Boil water in a pot.
Gradually add the Poundo Yam flour to the boiling water while stirring continuously.
Keep stirring until the mixture forms a smooth, stretchy dough without lumps.
Once the desired consistency is achieved, remove it from the heat.
The resulting poundo yam has a similar texture and taste to the traditionally pounded yam but is much quicker and easier to prepare. It is commonly served with various types of soups, stews, and sauces, making it a versatile and cherished side dish in West African cuisine.

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“Poundo Yam” is a type of instant yam flour used in West African cuisine, particularly popular in countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. It is also known as “pounded yam flour” or “instant pounded yam.”

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